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What You Need to Know About School Attendance

What if…my child has been sick and is returning to school? 
  • The State of Pennsylvania requires a handwritten signed excuse from the parent/guardian stating the dates and reason for the absence be submitted within 3 days of their return to school.
  • Emails to the child’s teacher are not an acceptable excuse.
  • Medical excuses are encouraged to be submitted if your child has been under the care of a medical professional.
What if…my child has had a prolonged (3 days or more consecutive) illness, hospitalization or surgery? 
  • A doctor excuse or excuse from the medical facility is strongly recommended. Please read the excuse carefully as all of the absence days may not be included. A parent/guardian excuse will be needed for the days not specified. Please be aware that medical excuses with altered dates will not be accepted. Contact your medical provider for additional excuses as needed.
  • It is suggested that you also contact our school nurse so that she is aware of the circumstances and can provide the appropriate related care for your child should they visit the Health Office.
  • Please note - a maximum of ten (10) cumulative lawful absences verified by parental notification may be permitted during a school year. All absences beyond ten (10) cumulative days shall require an excuse from a licensed physician.
What if…we plan a family vacation or trip? 
  • If parents/guardians plan to take a family vacation and have it classified as an “educational trip” a completed “Request for Excused Absences from School for a Preplanned Educational Tour or Trip” form for each student is to be submitted to the school office at least one (1) week in advance. This includes half day trips and early dismissals to leave the day prior. The destination and educational value it presents is required to be stated. Pre-approved absences will be recorded as an excused absence.
  • Under the new laws, days missed for educational trips will now be included in the total ten days that may be excused with a parental note. Students who miss more than ten days will be required to submit a doctor’s excuse for each subsequent absence. 
  • Educational trip requests that total over five (5) accumulated days are reviewed first by the principal and then forwarded to the District Administrative Office for approval.
  • Please note that no trips will be approved during Keystone testing.
What if… my child is going to participate in “Take Your Child to Work Day”? 
  • In order for the day to be anexcused absence, an “Educational Trip” form must be submitted with the company/facility that will be attended and a brief overview of the events of the day.
What if… my child is tardy? 
  • A student arriving late must report to the attendance office with a note from a parent/guardian indicating the reason for the tardiness. A pass from the attendance office must be obtained before reporting to class. A medical excuse is required for medical appointments and will not be counted toward cumulative tardiness. Coaches are responsible for checking attendance before athletic events. Students who are absent all day or arrive after 11:00 A.M. are not permitted to participate in after school activities. Students who arrive to school tardy 3 or more may receive the following consequences:
    • After-School Detention
    • Loss of parking privileges on campus
    • Saturday detention
    • Referral to the District Magistrate
What if…I need my child to have an early dismissal? 
  • Should it be necessary for a student to leave prior to 2:25 PM a written parent/guardian permission should be submitted to the main office the morning of the day of the dismissal.
  • The note must contain the following: date, the reason for the early dismissal, time, name of child and the parent/guardian’s signature. 
  • The attendance secretaries will share the day's early dismissal list via email with the staff.  
What if…I have a question about my child’s attendance? 
  • Your child’s attendance is available to you 24/7 through your parent account in PowerSchool.
  • Always check their attendance for the code AU. This reflects that an excuse has not been received.
  • Please submit a signed excuse to the school office so that we may update your child’s attendance record within 3 days of their return.
  • If you have any questions, please contact your school’s attendance secretary.
What if…I need more information or need to download a form? 

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If you have questions about attendance at the High School, please contact the Attendance Office at 724-941-6251 x8001.
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Pre-printed attendance form for excuses, early dismissals etc. that may be printed and completed by parents.
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