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Board Committees

School Board Committees and Appointments

 Board President Board Vice President
 Thomas McMurray Rebecca Bowman

Committees of the Board of School Directors

Buildings, Grounds & Transportation Committee 
Purpose: Provide the facilities and transportation services needed to support the educational programs.
Chairperson: Ron Dunleavy
Vice Chairperson: Rebecca Bowman
Finance Committee
Purpose: Optimize the limited financial resources available to meet the goals of the District.
Chairperson: Thomas McMurray
Vice Chairperson: Dr. Shari Payne
Education Committee 
Purpose: Provide quality educational opportunities for all students.
Chairperson: Minna Allison
Vice Chairperson: Lisa Anderson
Share Your Feedback with the Education Committee! 
The Education Committee of the School Board values parent involvement in our educational programming. The Committee has created a designated e-mail account to facilitate increased communication with our families regarding educational matters. If you have comments, suggestions, or concerns that you would like to share regarding our educational programming, please send your comments to the Committee at [email protected].
The Committee Chairs will check this account monthly. Comments and feedback sent to the Committee may be used to shape future Education Committee agendas. Please note that any information included in your comments to the Committee may be discussed at a public meeting of the Board. If you have specific questions about your child’s course or classwork, please contact the teacher or building administrator directly.
Policy Committee 
Purpose: Develop policy that reflects district and community needs and addresses state and federal regulations. (All District policies are now available on-line. Visit District Policies)
Chairperson: Lisa Anderson
Vice Chairperson: Jennifer Grossman
Personnel Committee
Purpose: Ensure that quality personnel are employed, trained, and retained to meet student needs.
Chairperson: Daniel Taylor 
Vice Chairperson: Jennifer Grossman

Appointments of the Board

SHASDA Representative

Rolf Briegel
Ron DunleavyAlternate

Intermediate Unit Board 
Thomas McMurray 

Western Area Career and Technical Center 
Rebecca Bowman
Ron DunleavyAlternate

Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA)/Legislative 
Lisa Anderson


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School District
Peters Township School District
Address Info
631 East McMurray Road
McMurray, PA 15317
Phone: 724-941-6251
Fax: 724-941-6565
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