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Canvas for Students

Canvas for Students: Getting Started

As of August 23, 2021, all K-8 student passwords have been reset for the accounts detailed below to prepare the 1st day of school. Parents can view the updated student passwords referenced below via the desktop version of their Parent PowerSchool Account. Password will be listed in the BUS INFO tab on the left hand navigation.

As technology is distributed, we ask that students do the following:
  1. Verify Account Access by following the steps below. 
    Please reach each section carefully. Our younger students will need parent help to complete this process. Even our older students will need parent assistance as passwords for K-8 may only be found in the Parent PowerSchool account.
  2. Register for Self Service Password Reset.
    Taking a moment to complete this important step now will help avoid frustration later in the event of a password issue.
To begin, for grades K-8, ask a Parent to log into the PowerSchool account via the computer and click on the BUS INFO tab to view the updated passwords.

You will see that three sets of account information are displayed:

  • Computer/Microsoft Account: This username and password combination is used to access the laptop or Chromebook when the device is turned on for use. The password shown here is the initial password to start the year. This account information is linked to many of our learning management systems district wide, including the student’s PowerSchool account. When this password changes, the password will also change for those linked systems as well.
  • Goggle/G Suite Account: This username and password combination shown is used to access the Google G Suite for Education system that students will use to complete course work and communicate with staff members and students. It includes email, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Presentations. (Note: As a security and internet safety measure, students in grades K-8 cannot use their account to send or receive email from any email address outside of the district.)
  • Canvas Student Account: This username and password combination shown is used by your student to access the Canvas system. The Canvas system will serve as the main portal for accessing class content, asynchronous learning demonstrations, and synchronous learning activities through the conferencing system. Students will access the system using the PTSD Canvas Portal ( (Note: Parents/Guardians use a separate address to access their observer accounts. The observer account can be found at

Register for Self Service Password Reset

Students are now able to reset their Computer Account password from a self-service portal should they forget their passwords. To access this service, the student, or parents/guardians of younger students, will need to register prior to its first use. Activating this service for your account will eliminate the need to contact the District IT Department to have the student account password reset. Please note that once you reset the password via this process, the new password will not be reflected in the parent PowerSchool account for reference.

To register for this service, please use the following steps:

  1. Open the web browser on your device and go to the password reset registration page.
  2. Enter your email address and password. 
  3. Choose at least one (1) of the options listed below to complete your registration. There are three options are available:
    1. Authentication Phone: Set this option to another phone number that you have access to. An example is a cell phone that can receive a text or a call. 
    2. Authentication Email: Set this option to an alternate email address that you can access without using the password you want to reset. 
    3. Security Questions: Choose from this approved this list of questions for you to answer. You can't use the same question or answer more than once. 
  4. Provide and verify the required information. We suggest that you register multiple methods. This gives you flexibility when one of the methods isn't available. For example, you may not be able to receive a text alert in an area without a cell phone signal but can readily answer security questions in a browser. 
  5. Select Finish. You can now use the Password Reset Portal when you need to in the future.
Now that you’ve completed the registration process, you may access the Password Reset Portal (it also appears on the login screen).

Click below for a PDF version of these instructions with images for additional assistance.
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