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631 East McMurray Road
McMurray, PA 15317
Phone: 724-941-6251
Fax: 724-941-6565
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Staff Directory

Peters Township School District Administration



Jeannine French

Dr. Jeannine French
Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7206
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7206

Deputy Superintendent/Title IX Coordinator

Jennifer Murphy

Dr. Jennifer Murphy

Tel 724 941-6251 ext.7208

Laura Gray, Secretary 
Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7296

Assistant Superintendent

Michael Fisher
Dr. Michael Fisher 
Tel 724 941-6251 ext.7298
Laura Gray, Secretary 
 Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7296

Pupil Services

Pupil Services
Mrs. Patricia Kelly, Director
Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7271
Fax 724 941-6565
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Dr. April Ragland, Assistant Director
Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7202 
Fax 724 941-6565  
Patricia Myers, Secretary 
Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7225

Central Office Staff

Central Office Fax: 724-941-6565
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Business Office
Mr. Brad Rau, Business Manager, Board Secretary
Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7203

     Andrew Thomas, Assistant Business Manager
     Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7209
     Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7204
     Laura Foltz, Accounts Payable / Receptionist 
     Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7200

Human Resources 
Mrs. Louise Woods-Rzepka, Coordinator of Human Resources
Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7228

Mrs. Shelly Belcher, Communications Coordinator 
Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7205
Mr. Adam Swinchock, Director of Instructional Technology
Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7222
Buildings Grounds and Transportation
Mr. Brandon Womer, Director of Buildings and Grounds 
Tel 724 941-8981 ext 6011

     Mr. Robert Conley, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds 
     Tel 724 941-8981 ext 6017
Mrs. Tracy Bidoli, Director of Transportation 
Tel 724 941-8981 ext 6012

     Petrina DeNillo, Secretary 
     Tel 724 941-8981 ext 6010  

Building Administration

Peters Township High School
Dr. Lori Pavlik, Principal
Mrs. Joie Conroy, Assistant Principal
Mr. Gregg Wilson, Assistant Principal

Peters Township Middle School
Mr. Michael Henaghan, Assistant Principal
McMurray Elementary 
Mr. Blair Stoehr, Principal
Mr. Michael Brookie, Co-Principal 
Bower Hill Elementary
Mrs. Jennifer Carfano, Assistant Principal
Pleasant Valley Elementary
Dr. Greg Marquis, Principal

Athletics Department

Mr. Brian Geyer, Athletic Director
Tel 724-941-6250 x8802

Mr. Justin Pyles, Assistant Athletic Director
Tel 724-941-6250 x8801

Mrs. Evie Lusk, Secretary
Tel 724-941-6250 x8800


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School District
Peters Township School District
Address Info
631 East McMurray Road
McMurray, PA 15317
Phone: 724-941-6251
Fax: 724-941-6565
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