Peters Township School District Closed

Gov. Tom Wolf announced that all Pennsylvania Public Schools will remain closed for the remainder of the school year. Remote Planned Instruction will be in place through June 5, 2020. 

Visit our PLANNED INSTRUCTION WEBSITE for more details.

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626 East McMurray Road
McMurray, PA 15317
Phone: 724.941.5020
Fax: 724.941.2769
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Staff Directory

McMurray Staff Directory

McMurray Elementary staff members are listed below along with their voicemail extensions. All staff members may also be reached via email. District email addresses follow the format: [email protected]Example: John Smith - [email protected]
Principal Blair Stoehr 3005  
Co-Principal Michael Brookie 3004  
Secretary Pat Buck 3001  
Secretary Mary Lou Fraticelli 3002  
Counselor Heather Wawrzeniak 3009  
  Jamie Recker 3007  
Counseling Secretary Stephanie Blasch 3076  
School Nurse Lori Motosicke 3006  
4A Teacher       Rebecca Riberich 3211 Team Phoenix
4A Teacher
Michelle Hanna
3210 Team Phoenix
4A Teacher Wendy Stark 3205 Team Betelgeuse
4A Teacher Rebecca Fox-O'Kelly 3204 Team Betelgeuse
4A Teacher Dana Tucker 3207 Team Capella
4A Teacher Shannon Hemmingson 3202 Team Capella
4B Teacher Paige Seelhorst 3310 Team Starburst
4B Teacher Megan Vance 3311 Team Starburst
4B Teacher Anna Smith 3209 Team Polaris
4B Teacher Jeff Owen 3208 Team Polaris
4B Teacher John Lovett 3203  Team Pandora
4B Teacher Gena Kashak 3206 Team Pandora
5A Teacher Natalie Noel 3303 Team Starlights
5A Teacher Linda Skrok 3306 Team Starlights
5A Teacher Joe Bratetich    3101  Team Saturn
5A Teacher Rebecca Sparks 3102  Team Saturn
5A Teacher Caroline Abele   3312 Team Andromeda
5A Teacher Kathy Zuccarini 3309 Team Andromeda
5B Teacher Darlene Farabaugh 3307 Team Sirius
5B Teacher Kimberly DeSalvo 3302 Team Sirius
5B Teacher Megan Wysocki 3313 Team Luna
5B Teacher Elizabeth Clark 3308 Team Luna
5B Teacher Jamie Oney 3104 Team Apollo
5B Teacher Megan Mongillo 3105  Team  Apollo
6A Teacher Jamie MacKay 3321 Team Aurora
6A Teacher Jennifer Goldbach 3320 Team Aurora
6A Teacher Kristen Kropiewnicki 3318 Team Aurora
6B Teacher
Nicole Muto
3317 Team Electra
6B Teacher Anna Meckey 3316 Team Electra
6B Teacher Katie DeMarco  3315 Team Electra
6A Teacher Heather Lasser 3219 Team Supernova
6A Teacher Jason Keffel 3217 Team Supernova
6A Teacher Amy Casciola 3218 Team Supernova 
6B Teacher Kristen Scaglione 3213 Team Super Sonic
6B Teacher Kris Bergman 3215 Team Super Sonic
6B Teacher Jill Keffel 3216 Team Super Sonic
Art Kelly Rutkowski 3109  
  Pam Harrison 3100  
Enrichment Alan Mathieu  3113  
  Erin Weber 3301  
Keyboarding Stacy McCartney 3214  
Library Meg Owens 3225  
Library Secretary Teresa Arancio 3224  
Music Joann Bair 3121  
  Ray Cygrymus 3122  
  Dave DiFilippo 3108  
  Stephen McGough  3123  
  Barb Viola 3107   
Paraprofessionals  Karen Colaianni Carrie Fink Rebecca   Jackson
        Debra Dubina
 Cindy     Gaudy
 Lorri   Kroboth 
   Sandy Dunkerley    Cheryl   Graves  Anna Kuss
 Laurie Eiter  
 Pam   McCloskey
   Michelle Elder
 Cristi   Parks
 Olga Ellsworth
 Jennifer   Rush
Physical Education Scott Shaw 3023  
  Jessica Ferragonio 3023  
Psychologist Gary Bole 3328  
Reading Specialist Linda Diesing 3220  
  Pam Guenther 3325  
Special Education Kathleen Melnyk 3603  
  Rebecca Fodse 3201  
  Leanna Engstrom 3314  
  Andy Lamatrice 3111  
  Brandi Moran 3319  
  Genevieve Rae 3304  
  Jessica Reyes 3301  
Speech Lauren Gagatko 3322  
Technology Tony Pienkosky 3127  
World Language Michelle Chenevert French  
  Aaron Wilkinson German  
  Riley Young  Spanish  
  Adele Packrone Spanish  
McMurray Staff Directory

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School District
McMurray Elementary
Address Info
626 East McMurray Road
McMurray, PA 15317
Phone: 724.941.5020
Fax: 724.941.2769
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