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Technology Department

Our Mission

In a cooperative partnership with a community that values excellence in education, the Peters Township School District will utilize existing and emerging technologies to provide educational opportunities, expand and improve communication, access information, and optimize administrative operations.

The Peters Township School District has made a significant investment and commitment to technology integration and utilization at all levels. The District uses technology to support and enhance the educational process, to facilitate district operations, and to communicate and store data and information at various levels. Currently the Technology Department in the District consists of two service areas -- Educational Technology and the IT Department.

Educational Excellence

Educationally, the District recognizes the positive impact that technology can play in the attainment of educational excellence and the pursuit of personalization of the educational process. Educational technology helps to facilitate the curriculum, enhances instruction, and optimizes resources that can be used to meet the needs of our students. In addition, there is a focus on staff development to enable staff to use technology successfully in the teaching and learning process. An articulated K-12 scope and sequence for technology literacy is being developed that meets both PA Technology Standards and the ISTE NETS Standards for Students and that can be integrated into all aspects of the district's curriculum.

Information Access and Communication

Information Access and Communication through technology is another important facet of Educational and Informational Technology. The District uses technology to enhance communication with parents and the community to increase their involvement in the educational processes. The school district's web site is a vital medium through which the District provides a wealth of information to residents and staff. In addition, the school district is expanding its information services by using a variety of online services.

The District uses an integrated student information system, PowerSchool to enhance communication between h ome and school. Power School allows teachers to provide students and parents K-12 with access to student schedules and grades through a designated portal.

Teachers use a variety of tools to provide students and parents with access to handouts, presentations, audio files and more. Links are often provided through teacher website or via email.

Email News Blasts is a voluntary system in which parents and community members canstay to to date on important information from our schools. 

Telephone Alert System: The District uses School Messenger to contact parents/guardians and staff via phones in an emergency. Phone data is extracted from the District's student information system, Power School.

The District also maintains a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram presence to provide additional information to students, parents, and residents.

Technology Committees

At times the district will involve parents of students and community members on advisory committees for technology. These committees are helpful in providing valuable information, expertise and recommendations to our department.

Technology Acceptable Use

School Board Policy 815 defines official policy and procedures for use of technology in the Peters Township School District. All student users are advised to read these policies and/or to review them with their parents. The policies are available for review on the district website.

Before students can use district computers on the district’s network, they are required to electronically log in and agree to abide by the District’s Technology Acceptable Use Policy. There is a summary of the policy on the computer screen that the student can read each time before clicking on “agree.” It is assumed that the parents of all students will agree to this procedure, otherwise the parent is to notify the school office that his/her child will not be permitted to use district technology-related equipment.

Web Guidelines

Peters Township School District adheres to certain guidelines for the submission of information to be included on the our web sites. Visit Web Guidelines

Contact Us

Adam Swinchock
Director of Instructional Technology
Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7222
Email: [email protected]

Bridget Kirwan
Tel 724 941-6251 ext 7260
Email: [email protected]


PDE Approved District Technology Plan 2008-2011 (187 KB)

Acceptable Use of Technology Resources Policy (28KB)



Proposed Technology Scope and Sequence
K-3 Technology (41KB)
4-6 Technology (69KB)
7-8 Technology (41KB)
9-12 Technology (70KB)

A special letter to parents regarding Internet Safety and Children

Interested in helping primary school aged children in learning to keyboard more efficiently? Try out this site:bbc typing site

Watch for our informative Cable Television Show, "Let's Compute!" on Comcast Cable Channels 7 & 19 and Verizon Channels 38 and 39.




Staff Technology Resources

District Resources:

Access PTSD Google Web Apps

Access United Streaming video

Access Moodle

Access Power Teacher


Web 2.0-oriented sites for educators:

Classroom 2.0 Wiki

Route 21 :Partnership for 21st Century Skills

International Society for Technology in Education(ISTE)

Technology in Education Resource Center

Center For Applied Special Technologies


Apple Learning Interchange


National Technology Standards by ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education)



Administrators (TBA)

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