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College Application Quick Tips

Creating a Resume in Naviance

Steps To Create a Resume in Naviance Student: 
  1. Login to your Naviance account & click on the "About Me" Tab. 
  2. Click on "My Stuff" from the dropdown menu, then click on "resume".
  3. To add a new resume, click on the plus sign. 
  4. If you've already started a resume and want to update it, click "Add/Update Sections". The resume builder contains a list of helpful category titles to aid you in organizing your accomplishments, but you do not have to have something filled in for every category.
  5. Once you have finished, you can choose the formatting you prefer & print your resume: 
    • Click on the "Print/Export Resume" tab
    • Click the pink plus sign
    • Choose which specific sections of the resume you would like included & continue. Name your resume and choose the formatting you like best. 
    • Download it as a Word Document or PDF
If you already have a saved/completed resume in Word or PDF format, you can upload it to the My Journal section of Family Connection and share with teachers and your counselor. 
  1. Go to the "About Me" tab & click "My Stuff" from the drop down menu. From there, click on the blue "Journal".
  2. Click "Add New Entry". Choose "Other" as the type and put "Resume" as the subject line. Click to share with teachers and your counselor.  
  3. Attach your resume file & click "Add Journal Entry".

This same process can also be followed to share your college essay.

Requesting Transcripts

For Schools that Accept Electronic Submissions
  1. A signed Transcript Request Form must be turned into the Counseling Office. This can be done during your junior year for the following school year.  We cannot release your academic record without this document on file.
  2. Begin your college application either through the Common Application or by utilizing the college's application on their website. Should you plan to use the Coalition Application to apply, please make an appointment to see your counselor.
  3. Using your Naviance student account, click on the "Colleges" menu. Scroll down to "Colleges I'm Thinking About". 
  4. Click the Add button (+ sign). The "Add New College Application, Step 1 Add Application" displays. 
  5. From “Which college are you applying to?” Use the drop-down or type the name of the desired college & select your matches.

  6. From “App Type” click the drop-down to identify your answer. 

  7. From “I’ll submit my application?” Click the drop-down to identify your answer. 

  8. If you have already sent in your application, select the checkbox labeled I’ve submitted my application. If not, leave it unchecked. 

  9. Since we do not include test scores on our PTHS transcripts, leave the boxes under "What additional materials, if any, do you want included?" blank. Standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, AP Scores, SAT Subject Tests) must be sent directly from your account in College Board and/or ACT 

  10. Verify that where you are requesting the transcripts be sent is accurate.

For Schools that Prefer Paper Submissions:
For schools that do not accept electronic submissions, you will see a  print-mail next to the college name in the "submissions' column in Naviance. This means that the counseling office much submit your transcripts to the college via postal mail.
  1. Provide a 9x12 stamped envelope, with four stamps, addressed to the college or university.
  2. Include any other documents that the school requires, school report form, resume, etc.
  3. Give the envelope/documents to the secretary in the counseling office for processing. 

Please provide adequate time for processing and unforeseen circumstances such as school closures. This means delivering the materials to the counseling office well before the college's deadline. 

Requesting Letters of Recommendation - Electronic & Paper Sumission

Start by researching the number of recommendation(s) needed, if any, by the college or university. Keep in mind that some schools require letters from specific subject area teachers. For example, a math/science major may require one letter from a math and/or one from a science teacher. Each college should list this information either directly on their application or within the instructions on their undergraduate admissions website. 
Steps (Electronic):
  1. A.) Request your letter in person from your teacher and/or counselor, in person if possible. Provide a paper copy resume if requested by the teacher or a completed Teacher Recommendation Questionnaire B.) You MUST use Naviance Student to request letters of recommendation. Teachers will be able to send documents electronically as indicated by the icons. If you are using the Common Application, DO NOT invite the recommender via the Common Application website. 
  2. On the "Colleges I'm Applying To" screen, scroll to the bottom of the page & click on "Letters Of Recommendation" section hyperlink.
  3. Click on "Add Request". From the dropdown menu, find & select the name of the teacher who will be writing your letter. You can choose for them to send their letter to specific colleges or to all present & future colleges you will add.
  4. A personal note may be added with additional information or instructions. Please indicate if you are submitting via Common Application.  
  5. Click "Submit Request" to send the request to the teacher. It is a good idea to confirm with your teacher that they received the request through Naviance.  
  6. Continue to update your teachers & counselors throughout application season to remind them about sending their letters & to let them know if you've added additional colleges to "Colleges I'm Applying To" since your last conversation & would like for them to send their letter to these additional colleges. 

Steps (Paper)

  1. Complete Step 1A above.
  2. Provide your teacher with a envelope addressed to the college with four (4) stamps for the schools that are paper submission only. Keep your teacher updated about upcoming recommendation letters that you may need from them. 

For requests from recommenders outside PTHS, you will provide them with a envelope addressed to your college(s) with a stamp and they will submit their letters seperately to your college(s). Naviance Student is only for PTHS staff to upload and send letters of recommendation.

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