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Character Counts

Character Counts

Character Counts

"Everyone has the power for greatness
because greatness is determined by service."
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

About Character Counts

The Peters Township School District is the centerpiece of a community-based character building initiative known as Peters Township Character Counts (PTCC). PTCC is a collaboration of many community groups including the Chamber of Commerce, Municipal Government, Rotary, Ministerium and PTAs. This initiative has been the catalyst behind many inspirational and educational programs and philosophical changes in the community. The increased attention to character and sportsmanship in youth and interscholastic sports is among the most visible evidence of the initiative.

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Character Resolution

Whereas, the Peters Township School District has been contacted by the Peters Township Council to establish an initiative to promote positive character traits throughout the community and schools: and,

Whereas, the Peters Township School District believes such an effort is a positive approach to addressing many of the issues that face our young children,

Now, therefore, the Peters Township School District resolves that CHARACTER COUNTS among our School Board, Administration, Teachers and Support Staff.

We support the Community Awareness Committee's efforts to facilitate this grassroots initiative to strengthen and recognize the importance of character to our families, neighborhoods, clubs, schools, government, and businesses. 

Resolved by the Peters Township School District
on June 19, 2000
(reaffirmed 2006 and 2012)

Character Counts Initiatives

The Peters Township Schools have been recognized for outstanding achievements in the field of character education in recent years. A brief synopsis of some of the character education achievements and activities is provided below.

Character Counts Recognition Award

The Peters Township Character Counts Committee needs your help! The Character Counts Recognition Award is designed to recognize the Peters Township residents and organizations that have demonstrated their commitment to the ideals of respect, responsibility, and honesty. These people can be of any age and from any walk of life. There are so many individuals who meet the character counts goal on a regular basis and are never publicly recognized. Please consider nominating someone who is deserving of this award. Nominees will be selected and awards will be given out by the Character Counts Committee. 

Please use the link below to submit a nomination. Please note that nominations from family members will not be accepted.  

Complete a Nomination Form HERE

Character Counts in our Schools

Learn more about our Character Counts efforts in our school buildings and across the District. Click here.  

 Peters Township Character Counts Events
Peters Township Character Counts is excited about PTYOK - the Peters Township Year of Kindness.   The goal of PTYOK is to promote and spread kindness in our community, building upon the solid foundation of Peters Township Character Counts and Rachel’s Challenge. Our aim is to increase township spirit, community involvement, and the quality of interactions of our residents through service. The PTYOK campaign was developed to help our community grow stronger as we work together and spread kindness. Visit www.ptyok.org to see how you can take part!
Contact Us

Christian Lesnett
Assistant Principal, Peters Township High School

Tel 724 941-6251 x5216
Fax 724 942-0915
Email: [email protected] 
PTCC Nominations

Meeting Info

September 3, 2019
Trinity United Methodist Church 
October 8, 2019
McMurray Elementary 
November 5, 2019
PT Fire Department 
December 3, 2019
Peters Township High School
January 7, 2020
Peters Township Middle School
February 4, 2020
PT Public LIbrary
March 3, 2020
PTSD Administration Building
April 14, 2020
The Bible Chapel
May 5, 2020
PT Chamber of Commerce
Everyone is welcome to attend!

The Character Education Partnership (CEP) has named Peters Township School District as a 2010 National School District of Character. The CEP panel of experts has given this honor to an elite list of 13 schools and 2 school districts nationwide. Peters Township has earned this award for character education initiatives spanning from kindergarten through high school. 

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