Peters Township High School -- Celebrating a Century of Excellence

"As friends united here we sing
to Peters Township High.
Through honor, love and loyalty,
our pride will never die.
Memories of the Red and White
are in our hearts with you;
Peters High, our Alma Mater,
ever faithful and always true."

-Peter Township Alma Mater-

Throughout this school year, the Peters 
Township School District will be celebrating 
a very important event in our history.

In 1903, commencement exercises were held 
for the first two graduates of Peters Township High School. One hundred years later, we will remember this anniversary by "Celebrating a Century of Excellence" in our school district.

To mark this occasion and as a tribute to all Peters Township High School alumni, we offer 
to you this online photo album. It begins with many early photos of the township, our schools, and our students. We hope to add much more with your help.

Do you have a memory of growing up in Peters Township, attending our schools, or photograph 
that you'd like to share? You may email your story/photo to us or call at 724-941-6251.

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