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Freshman TAM (Transitional Academic Monitoring) Meetings have begun
At the close of the 1st quarter, all counselors are meeting with their 9th grade students in small groups to go over the following information:
1.) Revisiting goals created in Naviance at the beginning of Sept.
2.) Building a resume in Naviance
3.)  Course selection & teacher recommendations for the 18-19 school year
4.)  Items that makeup a transcript & calculating final grades
5.)  Involvement in community/school activities
6.) Creation of a College Board account to gain access to PSAT results (detailed view), eventually sign up to take the SAT's &/or AP exams, & to get free, targeted SAT practice with Khan Academy
Counselors will send home an e-mail to each parent confirming that their child was seen. If you have questions about the content of these meetings, please feel free to reach out to your child's counselor.