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McMurray Needs Your Vote
Image of the front of McMurray School with the words "McMurray Needs Your Vote"
McMurray Elementary has entered a $200,000 national education contest hoping for a chance at one of the 13 prizes that will be awarded to recognize the most unique and inventive K-12 program. In addition to completing an online application for the annual Follett Challenge, McMurray also submitted a short video to promote its program that teaches students the 21st century skills they need to be prepared for life.
Ten of the prizes, valued at $8,000 each, to be given away are from the People’s Choice category and will solely be based on how many votes applicants have received for their videos from the public. Video voting begins January 22, 2018. McMurray’s video is now posted at the following link:
After registering, users can cast one vote per day through January 26, 2018, when voting ends. Not only are the public’s votes significant in the video-voting portion of the contest, but they also will play a role in the overall rubric as twenty- percent of each school’s final score is based on the number of votes generated for their video.
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