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Business Times School Rankings
Infographic with district rankings

In the May 2017 “Regional School Report Card,” the Pittsburgh Business Times profiled area school districts to determine how local districts compared to other districts in the area and across the state.

Peters Township School District was ranked in the top ten in the region across all grade levels that were included in the report card. Overall, Peters Township was 6th among 103 districts in our area, and 12th among the 494 school districts in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, up two spots from the 2016 rank.

Below is a complete list of rankings by grade level:

State Overall: 12
Regional: 6
11th Grade: 6
8th Grade: 2
7th Grade: 3
6th Grade: 3
5th Grade: 4
4th Grade: 9
3rd Grade: 6

Please join us as we congratulate our outstanding staff and students!