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School Announcements

School Announcements

Last Updated:   For Friday, November 16th @ 8:15 a.m.
Next "What's Your Word?" HUB Workshop To Be Held on December 17th and 18th
Interested students can now see Miss Collins to register fo rthe next "What's Your Word" workshop which will be running December 17th and 18th during Study Lab in the HUB.   Preference will given to students who have ot yet participated in this workshop.   Spots are limited!   Sign up to make your bracelet with a word that is important to you today!
Our Next Career Chat Will Be Held on Wednesday, November 28th
We are excited to announce that our next Career Chat will be next Wednesday, November 28th during homeroom in the LGI.   Are you organized and efficient?  Do you like solving problems?  Would you like to work with transportation systems?  Would you like to plan how systems work together?  Well, then a career in the Transporation, Distribution and Logistics cluster might just be for you!   Some careers in the Transportation, Distriubiton and Logistics cluster include:  Pilot, Ship Captain, Civil engineer, Logistics Analyst and many more!   Our guest speaker on Wednesday, Novmeber 28th will be a transportation business owner.  If you have ever thought about a career in Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics, please sign up to attend in homeroom.
Room Location Change for Ms. Bergman's Period 7/8 T2 Health Class
Attention Any Student in Ms. Bergman's Period 7/8 T2 Health Class:  The room location has been changed to Room B13.  Please report to Room B13 on Monday.   Thank you. 
PJAS Meeting To Be Held on Tuesday, November 27th
The next PJAS meeting is on Tuesday, November 27th.   The meeting will be held in Room B 216 from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. 
PTMS Holds A Candy Collection for the Washington County City Mission 
Is your stomach aching from all the candy you ate this weekend?   Would your dentist be shaking his head?   PTMS would like to help you shed your house of all the extra sugar.   Starting tomorrow, we will be collecting Halloween candy donations in the Counseling Office.   All donations will be given to the Washington county City Mission to provide to families in need of an extra treat over the holiday season.   Thanks in advance for your support!
Student Council Helps Our Local Community
Our breakfast sale continues next week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Student Council will be serving breakfast in the cafeteria beginning at 7:30 a.m. during those days.   Please come and enjoy breakfast items and drinks.   All items cost $1 each and the proceeds from our breakfast sale will benefit the KD Turkey Fund, a project that provides Thanksgiving meals to families in our region.
In addition to our breakfast sales, we are also conducting a food drive to benefit the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.   Please bring in unexpired, non-perishable food items.   On the days that breakfast is served, we will collect the items in the cafeteria.   On the days that we do not serve breakfast, we will collect items food donations can be dropped off with Student Council representatives in the Gym Lobby.   Students who bring in food items will receive a raffle ticket for every two items they bring in and will be eligible to win a gift card.   Additionally, the homeroom that brings in the most food will receive a Friday donut party.   Please consider helping our community at this time of year.   Bring in money for breakfast, or just to donate, and bring in food.    Let's show some PTMS pride and giving.  
Starting A Chain Reaction of Kindness Here at PTMS!
As a part of the Rachel's Challenge Program and our FOR Club, we want to start a chain reaction of kindness around the school.   We want each of our students to record the times that you really go out of your way to do something nice for someone else or witness someone else doing something kind for someone else.  We aren't just looking for things like giving someone a pencil, although that is kind, but we are hoping you will think bigger than that and go out of your way to be kind to people.
In each homeroom, there are pieces of colored paper that will be used to record your acts of kindness or when you witness others helping to spread acts of kindness.   Each of our 7th and 8th grade teams has been assigned a different color paper.  We want you to record your acts of kindness on these chain links of paper.  We want your acts of kindness to be sincere and genuine.   Hopefully, others will take notice and it will inspire them to do the same.   You never know....you might just start a chain reaction.








Reminder To Students Walking After School:   Students:  Please remember that if you are walking after school that you need to turn in a District Walker Form into the Main Office.   These forms can be found on our District Web Page or in the Main Office.
Students:  Please remember to check the Lost & Found for any items you may have misplaced and cannot find.
Attention All Students & Teachers:
Thursdays are recycling days at PTMS during 11th period study labs.  At the beginning of study lab, please select student volunteers for recycling in your room.  They should head down to the main doors to take the recycling boxes to the yellow and green paper retrievers today.   The paper retrievers are located around the side of the school.   Volunteers should bring the boxes back with them and return promptly to their classroom.   Every Thursday is RECYCLING DAY!  EVERY PAPER COUNTS!!!  LET'S ALL REMEMBER TO RECYCLE!
Attention Students:
Do you need help with homework after school?  Then join our HOT SHOTS program.   Our HOT SHOTS program will be offered every Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:05 to 4:00 p.m. in the PTMS Library.   Program sponsor for the 2018-2019 school year is Mrs. Kedzuf.   Permission slips for HOT SHOTS are available in the MS Counseling Office or visit the Counseling page of our PTMS website to download a permission slip.  
Parents:  Keep Collecting Those Box Tops!!

Parents & Students:  The collection of Box Tops continues.   The PTMS PTA is asking all students to bring in Box Tops and submit them to their homeroom teacher using the collection sheet from the PTA web page or to simply use an envelope or sandwich bag with their name, homeroom number and grade on it.   

There will also be an extra collection box located in the PTMS front entrance lobby if a student or parent wishes to drop off their Box Tops.

Bring those Box Tops in!

*If you have an early dismissal you are to report to the office at your dismissal time. We cannot call the classroom.

*If you are planning to walk after school, you need to have a District Walker form completed and signed by a parent. This form should be turned in to Mrs. B in the office in the morning.

Lost & Found: The PTMS Lost & Found has many items in it, so please be sure to check the Lost and Found if you are missing any items. It is located next to the gym. Ask a custodian for assistance if the door is locked.

*Absent Excuses need to be turned in within 3 days of the absence.

Dear Parents:  If you are a parent that is new to the middle school, we have specific procedures in place for parents when they would like to leave items for students.  Parents can leave items in the main vestibule of the building.   There will be a sign in sheet for items and we ask that parents please sign those items in.  This applies to items such as (ex: forgotten textbook, notebook, lunch money, bagged lunch, items of clothing, etc.)  Bigger items such as field hockey equipment, lacrosse gear, or a  musical instrument can still be brought directly into the main office. Simply press the buzzer and state your reason for dropping off an item.

Parents:  Please remind your child that we cannot call the classroom for them to retrieve their forgotten items.  Students should check for items in the main office.  In our main office, we have a shelving unit with bins that we use to keep and store items for students.  Students have been previously instructed to check these bins for their forgotten articles or items periodically throughout the school day.   Thank you.



Help our students by participating in one or more of the following programs that earn cash back to the Peters Township Middle School. Our children benefit from the educational materials and equipment purchased with these rewards.

Box Tops for Education

Earn cash for our school through everyday activities like buying
groceries, shopping online, and making purchases with a credit card.
All at no additional cost to you! Clip Box Tops from hundreds of
participating brands. Earn up to 8% back for our school when you shop online and 1% every time you use your credit card. With your help, our school can earn up to $60,000 through Box Tops each year.Check out this website to see what products you can start "clipping" to earn money for PTMS. Visit www.boxtops4education.com/aboutboxtops/products.aspx. Send in your Box Tops to the PTMS mailbox in the school office.

Target Take Charge of Education

If you have a REDcard or a Target Visa, then enrolling is easy. Choose Peters Township Middle School from the list at: www.target.com. Click on the redcard credit account bar, to help your school. Once enrolled, 1% of your REDcard purchases at Target and Target.com and 1/2% of Target Visa purchases elsewhere are donated to our school. Earnings are distributed to the Middle School in March and September.

Office Depot 5% Back to Schools

This program gives you an opportunity to help local schools receive
credits for FREE supplies when you shop at Office Depot for student
school supplies. You just have to buy qualifying student schoolsupplies at Office Depot and designate PTMS (tell them when checking out at the store) to receive 5% of your qualifying purchase. Office Depot will tally the qualifying purchases made during the program period and award PTMS 5% of the qualifying purchases in credits the school can use for FREE SUPPLIES.

Giant Eagle Apples for Student

Register at www.gianteagle.com or 1-800-474-4777
Enter our school ID#0830. Parents with students coming from McMurray Elementary will need to re-register their cards with the Middle School ID#0830.

For parents with students in other Peters Township schools, you can register your card for up to five different schools. If you were registered last year with the Middle School ID#, you do not have to re-register this year. Shop with your Giant Eagle Advantage Card and earn points for our school each time your card is scanned.

































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