2014- 2015 Sports Physical Information

Please download and complete the form below for the 2014-15 school year. This is an updated form for the new year and only this form will be accepted.

Please do not use the previous forms – they will not be accepted. According to PIAA rules, physicals must be dated June 1, 2014 or later. Physicals dated prior to June 1 will not be accepted.

Please contact Mrs. Jami  Christopher in the Athletic Office with any questions or concerns at 724-941-6250 ext. 5394

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sports Physical Information

How is the new physical requirement different from the one previously used?

Under the previous system, student athletes were required to obtain a physical within six (6) weeks of the beginning of each sports season, in which they participated – (for example:. a student who received a physical for the fall girls’ soccer season had to again obtain a physical for the winter girls’ basketball season).

Under the new system, a student needs to obtain only one physical per school year, which is good for all of the sports in which they participate. Example: A student who receives a physical on or after June 1, 2008 meets all medical requirements, except otherwise noted for injury (providing he/she indicates sports on the form), for that school year.

What is different about the requirements for this physical compared to the previous system?

The new physical is expected to be a “comprehensive physical,” completed by the student athlete’s primary care physician, thereby creating a situation in which the student athlete’s personal medical history any other special conditions otherwise unknown by a school district physician can be taken into account.

For what period of time is the comprehensive physical applicable?”

Under the new system the comprehensive physical is sufficient for the entire school year. Therefore, if you receive a physical exam after June 1st of the current year, that physical exam covers you for all sports in that school year.

If my child had a physical within the past year, can the doctor who performed the physical sign the new comprehensive examination form since it was within a calendar year?

No. Since PIAA only sanctioned the once yearly sports physical on May 25, 2006, the initial physical for the current fall sports season must be dated on or after June 1 of the current school year.

Are there any circumstances that would require more than one physical or additional physician’s consent per school year?

Yes, under any combination of one or more of the following circumstances, the PIAA requires a physician re-certification:

The student athlete suffers an illness or injury that prohibits participation in 25% or more of the regular season contests of the immediately preceding sports season.

The student athlete suffers an illness or injury that results in 10 or more days absent from school.

The student athlete suffers an illness or injury, which requires surgery.

Additionally, the school district may require a physician’s re-certification if the student athlete suffers an illness or injury outside of the season i.e. summer, club sports, etc. that debilitates him/her for a period of time.

In the event that any combination of one or more of these circumstances occurs, the PIAA Re-Certification by Parent/Guardian (Section 5 of PIAA athletic physical form) as well as the PIAA Re-Certification by Physician (Section 6 of PIAA athletic physical form) must be completed.

By what date must the comprehensive physical exams be completed and information submitted?

For fall sports in 2008, all physicals must be completed and the appropriate paperwork submitted to the Athletic Office no later than Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at noon. For all other sports seasons (winter and spring), the athletic department will be providing deadlines for submission of all forms. This information will also be posted on the school district web site under athletics. (

Section two contains a long list of sports. Does Peters Township offer all of these sports?

No. Peters Township School District offers the following sports:

(Listed alphabetically as on the PIAA form)

Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Cross Country
Field Hockey
Boys Golf
Girls Golf
Ice Hockey (Club)
Boys Lacrosse
Girls Lacrosse
Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer (Fall)
Boys Swimming
Girls Swimming
Boys Tennis
Girls Tennis
Indoor Track
Boys Track and Field
Girls Track and Field
Boys Volleyball
Girls Volleyball

If my son participates only in the wrestling program, when should he receive his physical, and should he have the Urine Specific Gravity/Body Weight and Percentage of Body Fat form completed first by the school trainer or the authorized assessor previous to scheduling the athletic physical exam?

If wrestling is the first sport in which your son participates, it is recommended that you wait to obtain your physical within the six-week period previous to the start of the winter season. After the PTHS trainer does the initial wrestling assessment, Section 7 of the PIAA Physical form (CIPPE) must be taken to the physician with PIAA Sections 1,2,3,4 for the physical exam to be complete.

To have my son or daughter’s athletic physical exam paperwork complete, are there any other forms that the district or PIAA require for interscholastic athletic participation?

Yes, the Peters Township School District requires a PTSD Awareness Form (Form "A") and PTSD Waiver, Release and Informed Consent Form (Form "B").

What if I misplace the forms?

Additional forms are available in the Peters Township High School Athletic Office or Middle School Main Office, or may be downloaded from the Peters Township web site: (

For any other questions or concerns, please contact Jami Christopher, PTHS athletic secretary in the Peters Township High School Athletic Office at 724.941.6250 Ext 5394 or by email at
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