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1000 Series - Community Relations

This series deals with the school system's external relations - with mass media of communication, with PTAs, with citizen's committees, with complaints concerning school personnel, with community use of school buildings, with other governmental and private groups concerned with education, and the like.

2000 Series - Administration

This series deals with the administrative machinery at the executive level. Here is recorded the Board's action in activating all administrative and supervisory jobs to the extent that the Board has that function under the law. Job descriptions of those positions will also be found here, or a reference to where they may be found if their number justifies a separate manual.

In addition, you should find here an organization chart, a statement of the line of responsibility, evidence of problem solving and communications devices like councils, cabinets, and committees for executives - all supported by a clear statement of the philosophy of administration subscribed to by the Board and Superintendent.

3000 Series - Business and Non-Instructional Operations

This series outlines policies and regulations concerning money: getting it (taxation), planning for spending (budget), spending (purchasing), and keeping records (accounting).

In addition, the non-instructional operations including operation and maintenance, insurance, transportation, and food services appear in the latter part of this Index.

4000 Series - Personnel

This series covers familiar topics regarding personnel administration including recruitment and selection, contracts, tenure, assignment and transfer, etc. until the time of separation from the school system through retirement, resignation, promotion, death, or other causes

5000 Series - Students

This series focuses on the tasks of the student personnel administration versus the educational process. Students must be admitted; data recorded regarding parents, place of residence and school assignment.

6000 Series - Instruction
This series focuses on the goals of the schools, curricular matters, instructional arrangements to assist teachers to teach and students to learn, provisions for individual differences and exceptional children.

7000 Series: New Construction

8000 Series - Internal Board Operations

The Board of Education needs some policies about its own operations. These will be different from the By-laws, which are, in effect, rules.

This series provides the Statements of Board Purpose, and provisions for matters such as induction of Board Members, in-service development of Board members, code of ethics for the Board as a group and individually, and the Board's attitude toward policy development.

9000 Series - By-laws of the Board
This Series includes arrangements for meeting procedures, duties of officers, quorum, terms of office members, etc., often specified in the law. These rules concern only the Board itself as an instrument.
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