Two years later, in 1904, 
a new High School building
was erected. The building 
was located off Bebout 
Road just beyond the 
railroad underpass.

This is a photograph of Mr. Kuder's  Attendance and Grades Book from 1906 -1907.
The names listed at the top left would be the graduating class of 1907. Courses studied included Latin III, German, Geometry, Physics, General History, and English Literature. Notice the rigorous grading scale outlined on the bottom right of the page.

These men and women were the teachers for the Peters Township school system.

The gentleman at the top right of the photos is Mr. Kuder, the first High School principal. The gentleman on the bottom right, standing apart from the group, is Harvey McMurray Matthews, a teacher who later became Mr. Kuder's assistant principal. Learn more about the Matthews' family history.

Photo courtesy of Robert Matthews


The Peters Township
High School Class of 1916

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