Students entering Peters Township High School in the 1990's have fond memories of their 9th grade APB class and
Mr. Scott's favorite saying, "

They may remember wearing college sweatshirts, charm bracelets, letter jackets, thick headbands and bright neon colors to school. A 1991 survey chose "We Are the Champions" by Queen as the Senior Song.

In 1991, Thespian Troupe No. 185 celebrated their 20th anniversary. This theatre arts group was established in 1971 by Barry Wood and have staged over 100 productions on the high school stage during that time.

Some of the plays performed during their twenty year history included Annie Get Your Gun, The Crucible, Inherit the Wind, Look Homeward Angel, Cabaret, Whose Life Is It Anyway?, Butterflies Are Free, Fiddler on the Roof, Barefoot in the Park, The Man Who Came to Dinner, Guys and Dolls and Godspell.

"Cabaret" 1980

"Meet Me In St. Nicholas" 1991

The year 1993 was proclaimed "A Year Splashed With
Red" by that year's Ember :

"You couldn't miss it. The first thing we noticed when we walked in the building this year was that everything was red -- the doors, the lockers, the hallways, everything. We wondered, 'Would the water in the water fountains still be clear?'...The seniors took the color to symbolize their fire, their happiness that they would be starting new lives soon. But we all associated red with our hearts. And we knew, deep inside and always kept secret, that we would always associate red with PTHS and never forget what this time meant to us."

By the fall of 1994 the Physical Education and Recreation Facility (PEAR) adjacent to the high school building was completed and opened to the public. The facility includes an all-weather field, volleyball and basketball courts.

The Girls Tennis team served up a section championship, 
the Big Eight, and their first team WPIAL championship in 1996.


In May 1999 a $24 million dollar construction/renovation project began on the high school. The project continued throughout the 1999-2000 school year with staff and students making the best out of a challenging situation. The end result included a three-story addition with a new cafeteria, new kitchen, new shop and technology education areas, television studio and science rooms. A new library/media center and a refurbished gymnasium and pool were part of the project. The new building was open to students in September 2000, followed by a formal dedication in April 2001.

Photograph Courtesy of Michael Haritan

Thirty years ago, Dr. Robert Dell, then music director at Peters Township Middle School, formed the Peters Township High School Mighty Indian Marching Band. With only 42 instrumentalists and 24 drill team members, the band stepped across the yard lines while playing "Hey, Look Me Over."

In 2002,  the 91 instrumentalists and 32 Band Front members, sporting new uniforms, can say ‘Hey, look us over!" while marching proud and strong for the Peters Township High School.

One hundred years ago, in the spring
of 1903, commencement exercises
were held for Mary Patterson and Emily Matthews, the first two
graduates of Peters Township High

On June 13th commencement
exercises will be held for the 266
seniors of the Class of 2003, the 100th
graduating class of Peters Township
High School. 

"As friends united here we sing
to Peters Township High.
Through honor, love and loyalty,
our pride will never die.
Memories of the Red and White
are in our hearts with you;
Peters High, our Alma Mater,
ever faithful and always true."

-Peter Township Alma Mater-

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