By 1968, there were over 3,000 children enrolled in
the schools of the Peters
 Township School District --more students than the total
population of the township
in 1950. The new high school building at 264 East McMurray Road opened for
students on September 16, 1968. 
The total cost of the project was $4,169, 000. 
This photograph is from the dedication program of September 21, 1969.

The school featured a courtyard area, large library, and a new gymnasium. 
The swimming pool was ready
for use by the fall of 1969.

The high school drill team, "The Rainmakers" perform on the athletic field adjacent to the high school building. Spectators watch the performance from the hillside overlooking the field. 

As the high school facilities expanded, so did the athletic program during the 1970's.
Students could participate in a variety of new sports: swimming, gymnastics, tennis,
track, and volleyball. Other sports still offered included football, cross country,
basketball, wrestling and golf.

This exterior photo of the school is from the 1975 high school yearbook, Ember
The senior class would often
reminisce about their years at PTHS in the yearbook pages.

The Class of 1975 noted that they, "were the first class to attend all three years of the middle school and go right to
this High School for four consecutive years."

The Class of 1977 will
always remember "the year of the cold half days, the fuel shortage, getting chapped lips in school and graduating close to July."

"A senior at Peters in 1979 is:

someone who thought that after walking up to freshman and sophomore social studies, he was done climbing, only to find his junior and senior math courses were scheduled at PV…

someone who, can congratulate himself for succeeding…

someone who, although impatient to graduate, will remember high school as some of the best years of his life."

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